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4 actions that could trigger a state and local tax audit

  Check out our very own Mark Loftis, Director of State and Local Tax, in today’s Nashville Business Journal. Very informative!  Article can be found here.

Tax Tips September 2017

This month’s Tax Tips address the details of the President’s recently-suggested tax overhaul plan. Please keep in mind the following information is part of a proposed plan and none of these changes have been passed by Congress.  Tax team members Jamie Templer and Stuart Cooksey discuss the major changes in

Rare Tax Amnesty Program Available in 20+ States for Online Marketplace Retailers

How often do states forgive taxpayers back tax liabilities or, for that matter, agree on anything?  It’s probably about as rare as the recent total solar eclipse.   But, as of August 17, 2017, for a two-month period ending October 17, 2017, over 20 states have come together through the Multistate

Crosslin Releases Summer Nonprofit Newsletter

Crosslin has released its summer nonprofit newsletter, which contains helpful articles and thought content for its nonprofit customers.  Articles include: Three Critical Privacy Issues Every Nonprofit Entity Should Consider IRS Focus on Charitable Donation Substantiation Compliance Aligning Your People Strategy With Your Organization = Results What the White House Tax