Crosslin’s professionals understand that constant change is normal in the retail marketplace; from increased competition to changing consumer trends and growing inventory problems. In this volatile industry, success is dependent upon swift management decisions, accurate prediction of future trends, and the expertise of a solid business solution provider.

Crosslin is experienced in serving entrepreneurs who are in the start-up phase of their service, retail or wholesale business, as well as customers who have successfully managed their business for multiple generations.

Our Principals have served public and large private retail companies with sales exceeding one-quarter billion dollars in the following retail segments:

  • World’s largest retailer of custom clothing
  • Restaurant chains (50 to 1,000 locations)
  • Retail equipment and merchandise stores
  • Convenience stores
  • Food service companies
  • Shoe manufacturer with store locations
  • Discount clothing chain
  • Custom cookie manufacturer with store locations
  • Television shopping company

Our professionals help customers implement strategies to increase their financial success in this dynamic industry.


Acquisition and Due Diligence

Attempting an acquisition or merger in the retail industry calls for a special level of oversight and industry experience.

Audit & Assurance Services

Crosslin offers efficient and cost-effective audits, reviews, compilations and preparation of financial statements for retailers.

Implementing Internal Controls

Crosslin benchmarks the internal control systems of retailers to evaluate the integrity of their operating processes.

Strategic Planning

Crosslin offers Strategic Planning services to retail customers who are looking forward to their next phase of growth or acquisition.

Information Technology

From Managed IT Services to Cybersecurity Audits, Crosslin provides retailers with technology solutions that generate ROI.

Network Security

Recent cardholder data security breaches in retail companies highlights threats of maintaining point-of-sale systems.

PCI Compliance Testing

The retail industry is a top target for cyber-criminals, but most retailers do not use penetration testing to uncover security risks.

Firewall Installation

As firewalls continue to evolve, Crosslin helps your retail business leverage the latest trends and technologies.


eBay and Target had over 145 million and 70 million records compromised. Crosslin works with retailers to avoid costly breaches.

Cost Segregation Studies

Crosslin helps retail customers optimize resources by recovering costs through depreciation of tangible property.