A Week at Crosslin – An Intern’s Perspective

Crosslin had the pleasure of hosting a local high school junior for her five-day “interim” program.  She selected Crosslin as she is great with numbers, loves math, and is considering accounting as a career option.  We had a wonderful time as she shadowed each of the departments and enjoyed lots of hands-on experience.  Below she summarizes her experience:

My name is Astrid and I am a junior in high school. My school gives us the opportunity of doing an internship anywhere we would like. I chose Crosslin because I am interested in pursuing an accounting career and because I had heard some praise about this company. I do not regret my choice because I have met some amazing people. Everyone here has been nothing but kind and helpful to me.

I have been able to see the various parts of Crosslin and accounting. While with the different departments, a clear explanation of what they do, and real-life examples have been given to me. I am a visual learner, so I appreciated that I was able to see examples and not just have been told about them. The people I met always made sure to ask me if I was understanding everything, which showed me that they cared. They made sure I was comfortable and that I had breaks so that I would not be too tired. It was not them always talking to me about their jobs and showing me things, they also asked me questions about myself. They were genuinely curious about me.

I felt comfortable and at ease in the company. I am an introvert, but they made me feel safe and relaxed. I enjoyed spending time at Crosslin. Many people gave me advice on what I should focus on if I intended to pursue an accounting career. I was told about scholarships, requirements for getting the CPA, and ways I could build a strong résumé. Schools with good accounting programs in Tennessee were also recommended to me.

I am grateful for all the advice I received and all the knowledge that I was able to get out of the internship. The thing I most appreciate is that I went in knowing nobody, but I left with various great mentors. Choosing to come to Crosslin was one of the best things I have ever done. They have shown me that any part of accounting can be fun if you are working with the right company. I know that if I ever decide to work at Crosslin I will never be just a number but a valued person.


Crosslin 2022 Year-End Tax Planning Guides

As we approach year-end, now is the time for individuals, business owners and family offices to review their 2022 and 2023 tax situations and identify opportunities for reducing, deferring or accelerating their tax obligations. Crosslin has put together planning guides to help you identify the areas with the most impact.


Click here to access Crosslin’s 2022 Year-End Tax Planning Guide for Businesses.


Click here to access Crosslin’s 2022 Year-End Tax Planning Guide for Individuals.

As always, the Crosslin tax team is here to assist in any way.  Please give us a call at 615.320.5500 with any questions and to start tax planning today.  We appreciate your business!    

Join Crosslin’s Rhonda Sides at the TSCPA Forensic and Valuation Services Conference

Join our very own Principal Rhonda Sides at this year’s TSCPA Forensic and Valuation Services Conference, October 25-27, 2022 in Brentwood, Tennessee. Rhonda serves as chair of this conference committee (four years in a row) and is excited about how technical and practical this fabulous conference will be. Sign up today at Forensic and Valuation Services Conference :: Conference | Tennessee Society of CPAs (tscpa.com).

Rhonda explains more about this year’s conference here:  (192) Forensic & Valuation Services Conference 2022 – YouTube

Year-round tax planning: All taxpayers should understand eligibility for credits and deductions

Tax credits and deductions can help lower the amount of tax owed.   It is important to begin planning now to take advantage of the credits and deductions they are eligible for when you file your 2022 federal income tax return next year.

Here are a few facts that can help taxpayers with their year-round tax planning:

  • Adjusted Gross Income, or AGI, is a taxpayer’s total gross income minus specific deductions that can reduce the taxpayer’s income before calculating tax owed. AGI is the starting point for calculating taxes and determining a taxpayer’s eligibility for certain tax credits and deductions that can help lower their tax bill.
  • Taxable income is a taxpayer’s AGI minus the standard deduction or itemized deductions, whichever is greater.
  • The standard deduction is a set dollar amount that reduces taxable income. Most taxpayers have a choice of either taking a standard deduction or itemizing their deductions and using the option that lowers their tax the most.
  • Properly claiming tax credits can reduce taxes owed or boost refunds.
  • Some tax credits, like the earned income tax credit, are refundable, which means an eligible taxpayer can get money refunded to them even if they don’t owe any taxes.
  • To claim a deduction or credit, taxpayers should keep records that show their eligibility for it.

Contact the Crosslin tax team to discuss year-round tax planning.  We are here to help!