Who’s Wearing the “Accounting” Hat in Your Company and Does it Fit?

Can you identify with any of these common scenarios?

  • You are a partner in the company, but also handling the accounting functions. 
  • You are a small business owner, and the front desk or office admin is wearing the accounting hat.
  • Your monthly financials are not completed for months and maybe not till year-end.
  • You lack a big picture, strategic overview of your finances.
  • You’re in the dark about overall profitability, utilization, project performance, and cash flow.
  • You’re relying solely on your tax preparer to provide financial guidance.

If you find yourself identifying with more than one of these situations, it’s more common than you may think, and costlier as well. Having the right resources can turn all these challenges around and provide adequate and timely financial reporting which will allow you to focus on growing your business and increasing profit margins. Fortunately, today there are options in the marketplace that provide the right resources without having to invest in additional full-time team members.

More than ever before, companies of all sizes are embracing the idea of letting go of specific traditional in-house responsibilities. With the lightning-fast pace of technological advancements, more companies are turning to remote resources for technical services, drones for surveying and mapping, and digital plan development, to name a few, so why not professional services as well?

The reason we are even talking about outsourcing is that while almost every company knows the value of healthy financials, many times this area is the last one to get the love and care it needs. Has your company outgrown your accounting department, or is the same person handling things the same way they did five or even ten years ago? As the title implies, the hat just might not fit the person anymore. It’s critical that the right people are in the right role, but sometimes hiring additional employees doesn’t make sense financially.

This is the perfect indication that outsourced accounting services may be worth considering. Outsourcing might not solve all your issues, but it can do some heavy lifting benefit-wise for your company including:

  • Industry and software expertise that provides insight to accelerate growth and profits.
  • Accurate financial reporting provided by certified and experienced accounting experts.
  • Timely, accurate reporting that allows you to make better, more informed decisions.
  • Specialized skills in accounting and technology mean you don’t waste resources on training.
  • Pay only for the work you need – and don’t worry about sick days or time off.
  • Scalable options – utilize for a specific length of time that you determine.
  • Avoid paying for professional assistance to fix mistakes.
  • Extra time for you to focus on growing your business.

Let Crosslin’s Accounting and Business Solutions (ABS) team help you with your outsourcing needs.  Our team works daily with companies that are experiencing the same issues and the same needs.  The payoff to your business and your team will be exponential. Providing the opportunity for your team to focus on managing customers, building your business, and running the office efficiently will have a positive impact on the culture and improve employee retention.  Contact Crosslin today!