Follow-Up on Tennessee Business Relief Program Instructions

 [Note that this program is limited to smaller taxpayers and to businesses only in certain sectors.  Although we are working hard to identify and help our clients who are eligible for this relief program, we are sending this broadly to our clients, as many have questions about eligibility either for themselves or friends and family.  Before exploring the changes below, you can see the eligibility restrictions at  Feel free to share this information with others that may be eligible.]

     In June, Gov. Bill Lee announced the use of federal coronavirus relief funds to assist Tennessee small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.  The governor enlisted the Tennessee Department of Revenue, through the Tennessee Business Relief Program, to issue payments to small businesses for costs incurred as a result of mandatory business closures.  The Department of Revenue is identifying eligible companies through their tax identification numbers and sending out eligibility notifications.   This will not affect all our clients, so you will need to determine if you are eligible.  

      To confirm your eligibility and to expedite the payment process, companies must complete the pre-award certification located in the Tennessee Business Relief Program section on the TNTAP home page. The department instructs that you do not log in, but rather fill out the form.  This same link can be used to check the status of your payment once your certification has been submitted.

     Here is the step-by-step process to confirm eligibility and follow the payment process: 

1.  Visit  To see the needed link on TNTAP, you must NOT be logged in as a specific taxpayer, so please log out, if necessary.

2.  Look for the heading “Tennessee Business Relief Program” at the top right of the TNTAP homepage.

3.  Click on the link labeled “Tennessee Business Relief Certification/Status” and enter the required information.

4.  Once complete, please print or otherwise note the confirmation number for your submission. 

     Once the certification form has been completed and your eligibility confirmed, the department will issue you a business relief payment. Payments will be made by direct deposit if the business has previously provided bank account information and authorized the Department to save that information. Otherwise, payments will be made by check.

     If you have any questions regarding the Tennessee Business Relief Program, please give the Crosslin tax team a call at 615-320-5500.  We are here to help!