Crosslin Welcomes High School Intern

Crosslin recently hosted local high school intern, Alex, for a week as she desired to learn more about business, the accounting industry, and the inner workings of a company. She was able to spend time with many of our team members and in most of our areas of service. We enjoyed having her! Here’s a recap from her perspective:

My name is Alexandra and I am a current senior at Saint Cecilia Academy. At my school, juniors and seniors have the opportunity to intern with a company of their choice. As an aspiring business major, I decided to intern with an accounting firm to further solidify my intended career path.

While searching for an internship opportunity, I discovered Crosslin through its connection with Saint Cecilia’s neighboring elementary school, Overbrook. Through research and discussion, I found that Crosslin had many unique opportunities which I could not pass up. I learned that they are a small firm who works with larger clients; a quality that is uncommon for local companies. As well as this, I discovered that they show their value and commitment to their clients through working with not-for-profit businesses and serving the Nashville community. These aspects stuck out to me and ultimately helped me decide to intern with Crosslin.

During my five days at Crosslin, I spent time learning about and assisting the tax, managed accounting, audit, marketing, and operations departments. As well as this, I had the opportunity to sit in on the leadership and state of the company meetings, observe an interview of a potential employee, and work with a team of auditors in the field. Through this internship at Crosslin, I was able to learn much about business and accounting, which, prior to these days, had not had much exposure to.

Overall, I had a positive experience at Crosslin. Not only was I able to discover important aspects of accounting, but I was also able to experience the atmosphere and community of an accounting firm. Through my exposure to the people and processes of this firm, I have discovered much about my skills, values, and future in the business world.