Forensic Services

Detecting fraud, employee misconduct, malicious activity, recovering deleted files and understanding current technology threats is becoming increasingly important to all aspects of corporate business and government. Crosslin’s Forensic Services Team leverages more than 25 years of financial audit and IT consulting experience to create a full security and forensic services support package. This forensic package can aid you from initial investigative planning to data collection and analysis through litigation support.

Forensic accounting differs from traditional accounting in that a forensic accountant must combine their accounting, auditing and investigative skills in such a way that they are considered suitable to be recognized by a court of law. Crosslin’s forensic team has the specialized training, experience, and certifications necessary to practice in this area.

A forensic accountant is typically retained by corporations, governmental entities, not-for-profit organizations or individuals often through their attorney in matters involving complex accounting, financial issues and fraud investigations. Forensic accountants are often called upon to present and defend case findings in court as an expert witness. The data revealed will often bring to light important facts and evidence affecting the financial success and economic stability of an organization or individual.

While the team is tailored to your specific needs, a typical team may consist of:

  • Certified Cybersecurity Professionals
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Litigation Support and Valuation Professionals
  • Certified Fraud Examiners

Depending on the scope of your needs, this team can grow or shrink. For example, a large engagement may require a dedicated Project Manager, or a small project may need one Cybersecurity Professional to acquire and examine a hard drive.

What makes Crosslin’s Forensic Services different?

While many companies offer only forensic accounting services, Crosslin offers both forensic accounting and IT under one roof. With a proven audit and technology process, this gives the firm a unique approach to forensic examination and analysis. Even more importantly, it gives our forensic team access to resources not commonly found in only an accounting or technology driven company.

Crosslin’s Forensic Services Team has the unparalleled, in-house depth to provide these services and serve your every forensic accounting, litigation support and digital discovery need.