State and Local Tax Services

The Crosslin state and local tax practice assists taxpayers (especially businesses) with insuring compliance with the various and sometimes complex/voluminous state and local tax requirements, while minimizing the resulting state and local tax burden.

The state and local tax burden on businesses in the United States is rapidly increasing as more state and local governments seek more revenue to fund budget shortfalls. State and local taxes are a key consideration in business planning, often surpassing the federal tax impact on many transactions. Specifically, we provide assistance in the following areas:

Sales and Use Tax

  • Compliance Outsourcing
  • Application and Registration
  • Handling of Notices
  • Product Taxability Guides/Matrices
  • Obtain Letter Rulings from State Taxing Authorities
  • Nexus Reviews – Analysis of business activity to determine filing requirements
  • Refund/Exposure Reviews
  • Negotiate Voluntary Disclosure Agreements
  • On Site Staff Training
  • General Consulting/Technical Assistance
  • Audit Defense

Corporate Franchise & Excise Tax

  • Assistance with state questionnaires
  • Analysis to ensure that tax filings are only made in the required states, including new state registrations
  • Preparation and filing of returns
  • Representation and assistance in state income tax audits
  • Franchise tax job credits
  • Excise employment tax credits

Property Tax (Real and Personal)

  • Compliance Outsourcing
  • Audit Defense
  • Real and Personal Property Assessment Analysis/Negotiation
  • Appeals & Resolution

Additional Services

  • Review of recent expansion activity and future expansion plans for potential eligibility for economic incentives
  • Assistance in analysis of state and local economic development and incentive benefits
  • Other special tax credits
  • Unclaimed Property Consulting, Compliance Outsourcing, and Audit Management
  • Business License Tax Consulting, Compliance, and Audit Management

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